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Youth Soccer Partner

We proudly announce our affiliation as a “Youth Partner “ with the MLS professional team, NYCFC.

Offering our players and coaches new projects for the development of our academy.

Saturday, Nov 23rd 2019

Indoor Games Schedule

NY Kickers U7 vs Super Kids - 12pm

NY Kickers U7 vs Palacios 1pm

NY Kickers U9 vs Super Kids 1:30pm

NY Kickers U11A vs Predators 10:30am

NY Kickers U11A vs Super Kids 12:30pm

NY Kickers U11B vs Predators 9:30am

NY Kickers U13 vs Predators 10:00am

NY Kickers U15 vs Super Kids 2:30pm

Uniform: Adidas Blue/Sky Blue

Referee Fee: $7

NY Kickers 2018 Christmas Party

We spend a wonderful time with our players, parents, coaches and our staff members at our Christmas Party. At this event all of our players were rewarded for their attendance and outstanding performance throughout the whole year.

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